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MUSIC. One Love.

hey hey hey ! 
What's up my readers!?

Actually, I don't have many but it's cool.
Only my closest friends or people I consider "My Extended Family" know I have a blog.
So let's get right down to it !

Aug 1st 2011 - The first day of the Fasting Month.

Man, I gotta tell ya somethin.
I have kept a perfect record for Fasting 30 days straight for the past 3 years?
This year marks my 4th. What a run.
A magnificent feather in my cap. Okay, that sounded a lil awkward? Haha. Nevermind.

Lately, I have been hanging out with my 2 fav homies.
Timothy & Windy.
We went to watch a movie - Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.
Fantastic movie. Awesome stuff.

August 12th - Friday

Friday night, met up with both of em again & with a few old-school pals in Wen Lin & Desmond.
Gotta come up with an English nickname for "The Wenster". Haha.
Alfie? Tommy? Uhhh, Wilson? Okay, I suck at pet names or should I say, nicknames.
Sigh. Whatever. LOL.
We all decided to meet at KFC near my place. Desmond & I met up at Simei where he lives & learned that Wen Lin was already making his way there too. So, we caught up with him & went there together.
Timmy couldn't make it but Windy did.

As usual, in typical fashion, he arrives late. --.--'
Oh wells.
The time was 7.30pm. It was 15 mins past the time that I could eat.
The queue was sucha bitch ! SINGAPORE. Sucks. BIG TIME.

Anyhoo, we still queued. Wen Lin & I were talking about WWE the whole time I wasn't payin attention !
Ordered our meal, sat down & talked more WWE.
We also covered other topics like politics, political corruption, Singapore's Education System, foreign talent, etc.
Damn. If only we could meet up every Friday & have Weekly classic catch-up sessions.

After dinner, we went to the 2nd playground near my estate & just, wasted the night away.
Talked about the same stuff.
It was really great, I was so happy.
We don't usually meet each other all the time but when we do, it's always FUN.
Ended the night on a HIGH.

Off to another story.

August 14th - Sunday.

I basically did nothing much but rotted at my Grandma's house.
I played with my baby brother, Meow-Meow for a lil bit, played FIFA 11 on my PSP & on'ed my laptop.
Watched MasterChef U.S Season 2 & 90210 Season 1.
Then, I got kinda bored but I already reminded myself the day before that I wanted a new shoe !
Wen Lin was online on Facebook. Thank God.
I asked him whether he was FREE to hang out & he was like, yeah. Let's go. Cool.
& we went ! Haha. I quickly bathed, changed to casual clothes, went out bought food at some bazaar nearby for my Uncle & I. Came back home, put it down & off I went out again.

Met Wen Lin just outside McCafe.
We walked around Tampines Mall & Century Square shopping for shoes.
Eventually, I settled down @ Converse.
It's size 11. YUP ! 11 ! IKR ! I wanted size 10 or at least 9 1/2. They didn't have either.
I bought the size 11 shoe I picked out originally. It looks great.
Has a unique design & a cool feel to it.

I bought brownies & Himalayan Tea Latte & went home.
Here's a picture of my new shoe !

Not bad huh? Haha.

Monday was on leave & I watched WWE Summerslam 2011 LIVE online.
Gotta say, I was a lil upset.
It was below average at best.
But one thing I really enjoyed was Alberto Del Rio cashing in his MITB briefcase & finally, becoming the WWE Champion for the very first time !

It's still the "Era of Punk" but something tells me Del Rio's gonna have a long title reign.
Oh wow. I'm exhausted.
This is a mighty long ass post. It's cool.
Most of my entries are long.

Oh yeah before I forget ! 2 more weeks to go before HARI RAYA ! 
Can't Wait ! Ahhhhhhhhh !

Well ! Until next time my fellow readers !
Nights ! 

LIFE's funny.

Hey readers !
Actually, not many people know my blogsite.

Oh wells ! 
Another blog entry by yours truly !

Okay ! So it goes a lil like this !
Ahem2 ! * ladies & gentlemen of the Jury ! Please rise ! *

Anyhoo, my weekend was? Meh.
It was barely even memorable, exciting or fun.
but hey, that's just me. I wished I really went back to the good old days you know?
All those times in high school.

All those times when I was still young, doing all kinds of crazy stuff, playing truant, had a real bad attitude (even to this day), scold anyone it didn't matter who, speaking my mind, etc. It was really the highlight of my so-called childhood. It was what I LOVED to do at the time. But yeah, people change. I did as well. Only & I say this PROUDLY. Only my BAD ATTITUDE remains. & it will stick that way. I use it to great advantage & at times, get myself in lots of trouble. I guess besides being the "Complete Slacker" that I am, I am also known as "The Rebel". Yup. Both of which, nobody did better. I don't think so. Not my best friend of 10 years, not anyone else I know. NO ONE ! Okay, I shall STOP IT ! Haha. It's true however, that over the years, I've been having problems dealing with it.

It's never easy. I mean, this is something I fight every single day of my LIFE. Oh wells. Enough about that, let's talk about how my week went down.

Here goes nothing ! 

I did basically nothing on Saturday. Then came Sunday. Also nothing much. My weekends ! Sigh. Monday was work as usual, slacker mode on all the way. All the time. You know it. It is how it is. & uh, Tues - today is pretty much the same. Although I hung out with Niven & Phoebe on Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning. I love being a night kid. Being nocturnal. I love late-nights. Don't you? I hope so too ! Haha. & also, I'm growing closer to this girl. Her name's Khairiyah. I call her Silver or as she's more affectionately known by her closest/best friends - "Heyya". YES ! Don't ask why. I always emphasize on the "     " if you know what I mean. LOL !
She's undoubtedly, my closest friend male or female right now. We go to each other for comfort, share secrets, tell stories, hang out & just catch-up talk about random stuff or whatsoever, let out all our problems & frustrations, etc. In general, we're on the same wavelength. & in my LIFE, I've only had like, 2 girls before her who are on the same level so yeah.

She's gonna study in NTU come August which is very soon & I just can't help but to feel sober. & so HAPPY fer her ! Mixed Emotions if you will. You know what? We actually text/call each other more often than we know !  Hahaha. She's AWESOME & that's the TRUTH. The fact that she went through so much HARDSHIP, PAIN & DRAMA the past year alone has not only made her STRONGER but also, a BETTER PERSON. She's got that DRIVE to go all the way which kinda reminds me of my MUM when she did her degree all those years back. As she always says, " Many moons ago ! ". Haha Mom ! I love you.  & I love all my FRIENDS. If, excluding Khairiyah & only a few others, I can call em that. I dunno. Each & every one of them are changing around me. What is it? What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Was it something I said? Like I said before & I don't wanna reinterate again, people change. It's sad. I mean, especially when you HIGHLY REGARD them as not only friends but more than that. Whether it being BEST FRIENDS, SOULMATES, BROTHERS/SISTERS, etc. That kinda thing. It hurts me to know after I've know them fer so long & God knows how much I really care for & about them, they become so different.

So much so that when you look at them, you don't even recognize them. There's also to that extent where they don't look at you in the same manner as they always did. They're not close to you anymore. They don't say good stuff about you, they just "use" you or whatever. I'm sick of it. Should I just be a loner then? I know. Hey, I get it. There are actually people out there (not mentioning my FAMILY MEMBERS) who actually care fer me. Who actually GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ME. Don't really care whether I have a BAD ATTITUDE which has been well-documented over the years. They don't care how I carry myself, way I act, way I speak, how vocal & straightforward I am, etc. They don't. They truly accept me for me. For who I really am not how I look or all that bullshitty doesn't-make-sense nonsense crap. Those friends are obviously hard to find. I've had a few. & that's it. I guess I've come to a point where I tell myself - I should just suck it up, pull my socks & start a brand-new chapter in my LIFE. With only my FAMILY behind me all the way ! & that, to me, is something not even $ can buy man. That's the best & most important thing to me. FAMILY. I can never exxagerate it any further so you get the picture. I'm very serious about this.

& after I finish my NS in May of 2012 & my 2nd brother's wedding on the 11th of the same month & year, I will work a part-time job for 1 - 2 months before heading to Brisbane, Australia for a month long vacation. Shortly after, I will most likely, settle there until I dunno, forever? Yup. Which means I'm leaving everyone behind. Sadly, including my FAMILY. But it's okay. I'm only gonna be stronger mentally & be more motivated to pursue my dreams & aspirations. & yeah, I will make new friends, meet different people, explore many things, adapt to the Australian environment, get used to the way of living there, etc. I am ready. Like, DEAD-READY ! Bring It On ! Not referring to the Cheerleader movie franchise. Haha. One by one, friends who meant so much to me eventually will end up doing their own thing, walk their own path, have their own "cliques", set up their own business. I'm not phased by it. I can only be thankful & grateful to Allah that I met such people. & how much they were always there for me supporting me & being my friend all the way through the course of elementary & high school. I hope they don't take this the wrong way. I will lead my own LIFE someday too you know? I dunno. Graduate from a Top 100 Uni, meeting the "right one", settling down & having a FAMILY of my own? Hey, you can't predict the Future ! & that's what's most scary.

There are so many things I wanna do in LIFE.
It all starts in 2012.
I will put my BEST FOOT FORWARD & just, go FULL SPEED AHEAD.
I can do it. I know I can.

Self-doubting myself like how I did in the past won't help. It will only consume me.
Try to take over my body.
Well, I'm not gonna be so STUPID this time !

I understand things are not what it used to be but I wished, it was. I really do.
There are no words to describe it.
I wished I could live through my 20 years all over again.
There's no such thing as a Time Machine.
& I get that.

Time for me to hit the sack? Good idea.

A new beginning.

I got a lil too excited, we're in Stinkin Singapore.

Sheesh ! 
I can't wait to MIGRATE outta this Country in mid-2012.
I don't give a FUCK anymore.

So, nothing really happened this week.
Matter uh fact, it was one of the most slack weeks of my pathetic, no use, go to HELL NS LIFE.
I'm left with 10 months.
I'm cool with that. Phew, how time flies ! Haha.

While listening to CM Punk's "This Fire Burns" performed by Killswitch Engage, I shall now write my post.

You know, I guess there comes a time in your LIFE that you just let bygones be bygones? Well, to me, that has become TOTAL & UTTER BULLSHIT ! Call me naive, premature or quote, " Emotion over Logic ".
Like I give a rat's ass ! I certainly don't. So shut your mouth, fuck yourself & MYOB ! Thank You ! 
I just wanna hang with my closest homies. My brothers & sisters born with different Mothers & cool Fathers. 
Uhm, I got carried away again.
Okay, the point of it is I'm always working office hours from 8.30am - 6pm every Mon-Thurs & 8.30am to 5.30pm on Fridays.

I'm not saying I wanna a break.
I'm just sayin I've not been spending QUALITY, MUCH-NEEDED TIME with my closest friends.

They mean the most to me.
Undoubtedly, the very best people in my LIFE.
Aww, I know.
Friends or people whom I thought were at least, have changed around me.
Hey, it's totally cool.

It's like one of my "Simple Philosophy" sayings - " Time change. Sadly, so do people. "
It's so the very FUCKING TRUE ! Hah !
Anyhoo, I'm not bothered by that. Time to move on.
I've already set my sights for the 2nd half of 2011 & also, the year 2012.
It goes a lil like this.

July - Dec 2011 -----> I should already have about $2400 - $2500 by this time.
Jan 2012 -----> My 21st birthday ! Gyeah !
March 2012 -----> FAMILY VACATION TO THE U.K ! Woo Woo Woo ! You Know It, bro !
April 2012 ------> Buy WrestleMania 28 in HD & watch it online LIVE ! The Miz & Del Rio ftw ! 
May 2012 -----> ORD-OH ! ORD-OH ! ORD-OH ! Okay, settle down now. That, plus my 2nd brother's wedding ! I'll most likely work a part-time job for a full month.
June 2012 -----> Brisbane, Australia, HERE I COME ! <3

& my new beginning finally begins.
Adapting to a new environment, understanding the people, learning different cultures, Western food & of course, making new friends.
That's the best part.

Of course I will miss my 5 fav people in this World.

Guys - Ritchie & Soumitri.
Girls - Jo-Ann. Winnie. Katrina.

Actually, there are another 2 guys in Niven & Reza.
I will never forget you guys.
You people are the best. & I mean it. Like, seriously & literally.
Okay, so cheeky.

What more do I wanna say?
Oh yeah, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is HOT ! HOT ! HOT ! 
She can go over Megan Fox ANYDAY. ANYDAY ! 

Haha. I soo can't help myself ! 
What happened was I watched the latest instalment of The Transformers movie franchise & 90% of the time, I was starin at her NON-STOP ! Damn. What a body.
A true piece of work. One of the most beautiful forms of body art.
Snap out of it ! *slaps himself*

I'm alright now.
Where were we again?
Oh yeah ! 

You know, other than Amber Heard, Jessica Lowndes, Minka Kelly, Velvet Sky, Tori Black, Melanie Rios to name a few, Rosie's the latest to be added to my HOTTEST YOUNG WOMEN IN THE WORLD list.

& that's an ACHIEVEMENT. Haha ! 

Well, I guess that's it fer me. Gonna hit the sack !
Eyes are droopy !

So adios amegos ! Sayonara ! Selamat Malam & Goodnight !
P-S - I'm the Main Event ! :)

Cheers !

A blur.

I was always one to figure out how to do things a certain way.
or do things using my own ideas.

Well anyhow, sometimes it works & other times, it doesn't.

Right now, I'm kinda feelin better.
Everyone around me or should I say, those so close & dear to me are getting sick.
This is a travesty.

Singapore's environment needs to change.
Like, pronto !
I'm appalled at how they keep saying that they will revolutionize this country & put it on the map with other countries like the U.S, U.K, Australia.

Anyhoo, other than that, my Weekend's been well, a BLUR ! 
I've just been sittin at home doing basically nothing but playing with my male cat - Meow-Meow, having sit-down lectures with my Aunt P & most of all, slacking using my laptop all day/night long.
Do you blame me?

NS LIFE fucking sucks BIG TIME !
As if that ain't obvious enough, I gotta drag my lazy ass to work every single weekday.
Well, until the next 2 months or so.
I am so TAKING TIME-OFF on the 15th of August ! Why?
That's easy.

There's absolutely no way I'ma gonna miss that ! 

I've been getting to know this really cool hot chick named Amber.
I guess, you could say, it didn't start off that well but now, we're finally okay.
Moving on, I'm hangin out with my female best friend & her 2 best friends tomorrow ! 

It's gonna be super-exciting ! 
Here's a picture of the 2 of us. I look stupid.
Take a breather. Haha.

Haha. Taken @ Bugis Junction shopping mall. Outside toilet.

I personally like this one best. We're both happy & embracing each other as best friends forever (BFF!). Aww! Haha.

Oh well.
There you have it.
It's amazing I've known her for at least 3 years & counting.
I lost count? LOL.

On a sad note, a very close friend of mine, Desmond (DD) left for Malacca.
Although he's only gonna be gone for a few days, I can still feel the IMPACT.
I mean, I have Windy,Reggie & Niven but what comes out of it?
NOTHING. We are always together. Hey, he's gonna be BACK sooner rather than later so I'm cool ! 

On the 25th, we're all SET !
It's either ?
I can't wait ! :D

Till then bitches ! 

Okay, I see this as something I've been going back-&-forth for, the past month or at least, since WrestleMania 27.
We all know who's leading the pack & carrying their respective brands or should I say, flagship shows right?
Okay ! Let's get right to it !

 Now, I'll focus on WWE - Monday Night Raw.


Alberto Del Rio.
What a class act. He won this year's Royal Rumble, was " destined " to win the BIG ONE, the WHC @ WM 27 but didn't get the job done. Instead, Edge retired in style. At Extreme Rules, he lost against Christian who became champion. More on him later. For Del Rio, here's a guy who just has it all. But the fact that he's already main eventing, being put in high-profile feuds & is a true POWER "MAIN EVENT" PLAYER, I'm going to say he'll be WWE Champion by at least, Summerslam? Against John "Superman" Cena. Boo ! This guy fer me, if used correctly, has the potential to carry the Raw brand in years to come but at the rate things are going, that's unlikely gonna happen. Sad.

Dolph Ziggler.
know, I've always had a special liking for this guy. "Simply Perfection". & very few, wait. Not many can argue or even attest to that. He seized his opportunities very early especially when he was a Smackdown wrestler before being drafted to Monday Nights. While on SD ! , he quickly established himself as a true prospect to the World Heavyweight Championship. Even to the point where he actually became champion but only for a poor 11 minutes. On the same freakin night ! A WWE record. Still, I do believe Dolph has a very, & I mean very bright future ahead of him. Just watch his matches with Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston. One word. Classic. Another? Epic. I can see him achieving "Perfection" in the form of a World Championship or even multiple reigns at that, in mid-2013 latest or end-2012 at the earliest. For now, he's kinda at the bottom of the pecking order. Aww.

Drew McIntyre.
Nicknamed " The Sinister Scotsman ", this man showed very early in his young WWE career why. One with clear, brutal & just vile evil intentions, he's clearly like a Triple H/Samoa Joe type of character. Brought in to the Company by Vince McMahon, the owner of the Big W even said that he's a Future World Champion. & there's clearly an indication to many as to why that may come true someday. Throughout his time so far, Drew has won the Tag Team Championship w/Cody Rhodes & also, the Intercontinental title. Both of which came when he was REAL HOT. He was really getting over. SPOILER - Drew was also scheduled to win Smackdown's MITB (Money In The Bank) last year but was pulled out at the last minute. He participated but didn't win. In fact, Kane did & cashed it on poor little Rey Mysterio on the same fuckin night. I don't get it. Now, he's jobbing to Evan Bourne? I mean, WWE has really wasted the great talent of this fine young athlete from Scotland. To quote Bret "The Hitman" Hart, " Booking Drew McIntyre on Superstars? This is so stupid ! We all know whose fault it is ! ". Exactly.


I kinda felt bored watching this guy compete week in/week out as a HIP HOP rappin, street-clothin, hippin & hoppin, out of the streets dancing Babyface Jimmy. I mean, really? Now, he's getting better & better.  Why?
Well, that's easy. Ever since Vince McMahon turned him "heel" which means into a bad-guy character in Wrestling, it's been clearly nothing but? PURE FREAKIN ENTERTAINMENT ! LITTLE JIMMY ! LITTLE JIMMY ! Haha. He feuded with John Morrison since John took his spot @ Extreme Rules in the Main Event to fight for the WWE Championship. The very next week on Raw, he did a beatdown on him, which resulted in Morrison ending up in the hospital for neck surgery. Now, fresh after his feud from him, he feuded with Rey Mysterio & that one, ended as a clean victory for Truth @ last month's Over The Limit PPV. Truth is currently in the Main Event WWE Title picture with John Cena. Like, finally ! This man, is MAIN EVENT MATERIAL. I can't say it enough. You know, I won't be surprised if Truth does end up becoming WWE Champion. But I gotta say the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, he won't be champion or in the Main Event Scene for long. Damn it ! Now he is & I'm enjoyin every bit of it ! Gyeah ! & that's What's Up !

  John Morrison

John Morrison has climbed the rankings within the WWE Universe and has earned our respect ever since his face turn back in 2009.
His in-ring ability is awesome, and his moves are absolutely stunning.
Not only that but he's also one of the most charismatic of the current crop of young superstars.
Although he's injured right now, I still think that he should move back to SmackDown and recieve a push similar to Jeff Hardy's and become World Heavyweight Champion. If not, WWE Champion. I can see him easily winning this year's MITB briefcase for the Raw brand & getting that "Main Event" push he was oh-so awaiting for. He deserves it. Other than John Cena, there's no one who can massively draw & have the potential to be a "Top Babyface" than this man. He has Edge to thank for that ! Amen ! 

Honorable Mention.
Alex Riley
Being a lackey to The Miz is well, annoying at best? Yeah.
If you're Alex Riley that is. The WWE NXT Season 2 rookie had it all going for him last year until someone took him under his wing. I mean, Miz won MITB. Cashed it in on Randy Orton who was champion at the time & ever since until most recently, has been riding the COKE-TAILS of Miz. FInally after the "heated heel" promo by The Miz on Riley saying all those mean stuff about em, A-Ri snapped. He just, snapped. He did a beatdown on The Miz which was not only believable but also, fuckin awesome & true badass ! Way to go, kid ! Then, last week, it was like, Dejavu all over again ! Miz got his ass kicked again ! Twice ! & I know it's only been 2 weeks but the WWE Creative Team are high on him & are planning on turning this guy from dork to a potentially-future Main Event babyface. & that will work wonders. Not only for Raw or Smackdown but for WWE. Miz is looked at as the next " Posterboy " so to speak of the Company. If Alex Riley works hard on his in-ring ability & feud with the right guys in WWE. Right now, it's him & The Miz. Perfect start. Other than that, he has the looks, the size, the charisma & definitely the commercial mass appeal judging by the "face" reaction he got from the fans to seize it all.

& now - Friday Night Smackdown !


Daniel Bryan
Hmm. The most technically-sound wrestler in the WWE? Other than Dolph Ziggler, pretty much yeah. I know his name on this picture is Bryan Danielson but that's from his Indy wrestling days. When he was HOT. Like, real HOT. What a wrestler. & now, he's in the Big W. Bryan debuted on the Raw brand when he first came in after NXT ended. He really proved himself in the company feuding with some of the brightest & fastest rising stars. Most notably, The Miz. & boy, what a rivalry that was. They fought for the WWE United States championship which Bryan ultimately won. Then, in the WWE Draft this year, he went to Smackdown. He's making himself comfortable there along with some others like Sin Cara, Wade Barrett & Ted Dibiase Jr. Not one blessed with incredible mic skills, a naturally good look or charisma, he makes up for it in his work ethic, his love for the sport & in-ring ability. 2012 might be the year this great young athlete shines in WWE. Maybe, a World or WWE Championship? Only time will tell.

Ted Dibiase Jr.
Since debuting in the WWE in 2007 or 2006, I can't quite recall but just like his former Legacy tag team partner, Cody Rhodes, Ted is a 2nd Generation superstar. With the look, charisma & same last name as his legendary father, he has it all to make it in the WWE. Chances always fall short for him. With many diehard wrestling fans saying that he's the most underrated talent in the company is bad enough. Somehow, I agree with it. He's so much better than that. With only a tag team title reign & no single's titles under his name, he looks to make a name for himself this year. 2011 may be the year of Ted Dibiase Jr? I'm not betting on it but it MIGHT just very well be. Who knows?


Wade Barrett.
This was is obvious and I don't see anyone disagreeing with it.
Barrett has dominated Raw's Main event now for the greater part of six months without even holding a World Championship. I honestly think Barrett is the only WWE performer in history that could claim that and he is proven he has what it takes to go at it with Orton, Cena and the rest of the Main Event. He is great in the ring with a versatile and Innovative moveset and outside of the ring he is even better with his thick heelish like accent.
Barrett is the future, No doubt in my mind and I see by next December he will be a multi time World Champion.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes debuted in the WWE back in 2007 and quickly showed how much potential he had by going toe to toe with the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Rhodes since his debut has been a world tag team champion with three different partners: Hardcore Holly in 2007, Ted Dibiase in 2008, and Drew McIntyre 2010.Cody has been on a roll since being moved to SmackDown: by becoming the unified tag team champion with Drew McIntyre and getting a gimmick makeover with the "dashing" promos and attitude.

All of those things are great for Cody, since he is still a young man, but what really makes Rhodes so good at his age is his in-ring ability.

Cody has greatly improved his in-ring work since debuting in 2007 by really studying some of the legends of the industry and applying some old-school approaches to his matches. Cody's father, Dusty Rhodes, I am sure has help out Cody when it comes to learning the business and so has his brother Dustin Rhodes, or better known to fans as Goldust.

Overall, Cody has all the tools needed to be a world champion but he will have to be patient right now and have a climb that may resemble of the same pushes that guys like Edge, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels got; that’s going through the tag team division and then maybe go for the IC title before shooting for main event status and world championships.

There you have it ! 
These are my choices of young up-&-coming wrestlers who will slowly but surely, achieve Main Event Greatness.
Some, with much debate. Some, without question.

In conclusion, I'm more than satisfied with my picks ! :)



Peaches ! GIRLS & The Usual.

People always say one thing. 3 letters.
Goes a lil like this.

Which, of course stands for Fuck. My. Life.
Guess what?

That's exactly how I feel right now.
I wish I was born in the U.S, Canada, U.K or Australia.
I say that a lot.

In all seriousness, I mean it. I really do. I mean, think about it.
Let's not talk about a better LIFE or anything.
Things like that ya know? Yeah.

I hate to always sleep early, not going out late at night all alone, not going night riding anymore, just slack & chill out with my friends, smoke, do stupid stuff, get drunk,etc.
I miss that.
I miss it a whole HELL of a lot more than other things.
If I lived in Aussie for example & made Friends there, they have a whole other perspective on LIFE itself.
A completely different outlook.

We would crash at each other's cribs, hold parties, drink a lotta alcohol (me excluded), smoke greens, go crazy all night long !
Gossip about whatever, have heart-to-heart talks, cook up a storm, laze around not doing anything.
That's how they LIVE IT.
& truthfully, I wanna be a part of that.
Seriously, who am I kidding? I just can't wait till I'm outta here come June/July 2012.

Oh yeah, this week Reggie caught up with me & we had a great chat about GIRLS. 
Not my fav topic. Never was.
Anyhoo, other than that, we saw PEACHES ! Missed her.
A lot. She's so beautiful. I have a thing or should I say,a weakness for ANIMALS.
To be more specific, CATS ! Haha.
Reg even said if I ever thought about it that I should definitely consider taking a Diploma & eventually Degree in Zoology.
He recognizes my LOVE & PASSION for WILDLIFE !

Okay ! Okay !
Here are some pictures we took of PEACHES ! :)

She looks kinda mad. Heehee.

Tired? Maybe she just wants FOOD ! Haha. CUTE.

Oh this one? I took it with my iPhone using an App called ActionCam. Say cheese ! :)

Alright ! 
I also took some pics of myself ! 
It looks very, very edited ! Can you tell?
Haha. Here it is ! 

The Original.

Fully edited in B&W with some Tuning & Effects using Picassa 2. (Y)

Done with that. Haha.
Recently, I've been keeping in touch with my " Extended Family ".

A group of people who mean the World to me, people I can't live without.
Ritchie & Winnie.
Both of whom I miss dearly. Sigh.
So, Winnie is looking for a full-time job. Then it hit me.
I sent her a website link to which I think she would find useful for her finding jobs.
www.spf.gov.sg I think?

So, eventually she looked through it & then told me they only have 1 position available for her.
Since most of their jobs requires high level education, she only has A levels & an Advanced Diploma MDIS cert.
She applied for the Management Support Officer job.
Fingers crossed ! Hope she gets it ! If she does, we can soo see each other everyday ! 


About Ritchie, I promised him that we would be meeting up on Tuesday to catch up, watch a movie & dinner.
Along with our fellow close friend, Jo-Ann !
It's gonna be FUN. FUN. FUN !

I simply can't wait !
Other than that, I think I'm falling in LOVE?
Okay, stop it Steven !

I gotta get to bed.
Till my next blog post, goodnight, sweet dreams & have a great week ahead ! <3


I hate this.

You know, this sets up the perfect WAR ! 

Am I just gonna let the PAP rule our country?
The Pay & Pay gang? The Pathetic & Pussy? The Paper & Politics? The Pride & Prejudice?

Better yet, FUCK THE PAP !
It ain't over till the FAT LADY SINGS !
It ain't over till we GOT NO MORE WAR WEAPONS !

In fact, it ain't over till every single youngster in this once-great Nation, FIGHTS THE GOOD FIGHT ! 
This is too much.

How much longer you wanna rule us?
You know what?

I'm just exactly 1 year & a month left before I go on freakin LONG DESERVED VACATION !
& it will be with my best friend of all-time, @ the Sunny Coast ! 

& the best part?

TAKE THAT, suckers ! :D

New Chapters.

okay guys ! 
I know right !
How freakin long's it been since I last posted?
or was active?

So, NS LIFE is pretty boring.
In fact, it really is ! I can't help but say it !
I mean, you go to work every single weekday Mon - Fri office hours & you do the same old SHIT !
I can't wait to FUCKING ORD on May 3rd, 2012 ! Haha.

Anyhoo, let's put that aside !
I got more stories to tell you now !
Well, members of my Extended Family aka my closest & best friends in this World are doing well.
I would like to exclude one, though.

You were never the person I thought you would eventually become.
Someone or something, I thought deep inside my heart, never existed in you.
Yet, you became that " thing ". That " person ".
I'm so sick & tired of this. It's gotta STOP ! PERIOD ! This is too much. Obviously, you never realised that.
Hey, I've been through what you call " SCHOOL LIFE ".

I know what it is.
I know how it feels like.
The " Movie Incident " ? Okay, totally my fault.
But how you acted ever since that day @ McDonald's telling Reza & I to blanja you, when it seemed like we were enjoying ourselves playing pool & bowling @ Tampines SAFRA.
When you got all BORED & wanted to go HOME.
Showing a serious face all the time, contemplating on your own ideas, thinking the World is like this, like that.
Not knowing what to do, keeping quiet.
As if you were thinking so In Too Deep. For what?

Just like you said in your most recent post, I'm feeling the exact same way.
Except that, just like how I show HATRED which I never had for you & currently don't, I just think personally, the both of us should take some FUCKING TIME OFF each other.
You need time to reflect what the HELL's wrong with you, slap yourself back to REALITY & pull yourself together.
Till then, I just don't know what else to do with you.
Think whatever you want. You'll be like, " You wanna waste 10 years of FRIENDSHIP just because of all of this BULLSHIT? "

You know what, Windy?
I just don't know what to think anymore.

2 Brothers. I love you.

One of which is one of my all-time great & closest buddies, Ritchie Ng. & the other being a very special someone.

I'm not walking away from our relationship & I'm really truly sorry for how I acted towards you.
We both liked each other, you liked me first but I didn't acknowledge it. I didn't acknowledge you. I was madly in LOVE with another girl .
Till of course, that didn't work & I was sober for 2 years or so ......

You came along.
She kind of sent me a text & it all started again from there, we really began to know each other.
I mean, get really acquainted with each other .
& now finally, we have. This I Promise You, I'm not backing out from this.

I have been close to only 3 other different girls.
Their names are Dexy, Cheyenne & Allison. Well, Cheyenne & Allison's real names are Harjeet & Nur Hazizah.
It was nicknames. No wait, PET NAMES I gave em ? Haha.

They meant the WORLD to me, they still do.
Except for Allison whom I always refer to as Aly or as my baby sister.
Personal Story. I don't wanna talk about it .

Now, I'm left with Dexy & Cheyenne.
& of course, the very innocent & beautiful image of you .
I may not text you or call you every single day or most of the time but I want you to know that my HEART still BEATS for you & only you. 
When you're in LOVE, you say these things. It's what we call " cliche " . Haha.
I am in LOVE with you, so much so we might even take our current relationship to another level, get married, settle down & have a FAMILY together ? We'll see what happens ! :)


We have been BEST FRIENDS since what ? ITE 1st year ?
From the first time I got to know you, I knew that you stood out from the REST.
Jo-Ann, Huiru, Intan, Shaun, EVERYBODY !
You had a RARE TALENT. PHOTOGRAPHY & IT. I'm still amazed at how much you know at these stuff.
Haha. Maybe it's just a thought?

You were GREAT at ALWAYS keeping me company.
It didn't matter how I was feeling or what I was feeling or why I was feeling a certain way.
As CHILDISH, CRAZY, DUMB (in a good way) & SENSITIVE as you are, you were & have always been a great friend.
While the others thought differently of me, you never GAVE UP HOPE ON ME . EVER.

That's what I admire most about you .
You may have a lot of FRIENDS compared to me but you NEVER FORGET WHO YOUR REAL & TRUE FRIENDS ARE.
That's your best quality. & that's from the bottom of my HEART. (:

We got angry at each other a few times.
Again, no matter what, we knew deep down we were just meant to be BEST FRIENDS.
To this day, I've only had a FEW GOOD PEOPLE come into my LIFE & either CHANGE IT COMPLETELY OR SIMPLY MADE A DIFFERENCE.
I guess it's safe to say, only 3 have done it.
1 is a girl, the other is Alex & who's the 3rd person? That's right.
It's you. I mean it .
So, I'm waiting for Jan 8th 2011 ! It's when you finally PASS OUT RIGHT !?

FASTER ! I simply CAN'T WAIT ! Heh.
I miss you. Each & every day, I really do .
After ITE, I thought our FRIENDSHIP was OVER since the both of us were going SEPERATE WAYS.
but we didn't. We stayed true & loyal to each other.

Well, there's nothing that can tear that apart from us !
That's for sure ! :) As the title of my post suggests, we are a tale of 2 BROTHERS ! :D
Endure your BMT, I pray for you everyday, my friend. :(

Have a great weekend ! 
Cheers !